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CM Punk Interview with Rolling Stone.COM
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RollingStone.COM posted an interview with CM Punk, where he dishes about life and his training for his UFC debut. We couldn’t help but point out a few mentions of AJ, which you may read below:

[…]The other major component that’s helped rewrite Punk’s narrative over the past couple years is marrying former WWE superstar and road ally April “AJ Lee” Mendez-Brooks. He and Mendez-Brooks − whom he affectionately refers to by the shorthand “Ape” − grew to become confidants and close pals while touring with WWE as the promotion’s top male and female superstar, respectively. While trapped in what often felt like a traveling circus with no honesty or transparency, Punk at last found someone he could count on.

“That’s the whole reason I asked her to marry me,” he says with a satisfied smile as the waitress metes out our check. “We were friends on the road for so long and she knew everything about me. I would tell her every stupid thing I ever did, and it’s come back to bite me in the ass in certain respects, but there’s no secrets, and I’d have it no other way.”

And like any grateful husband whose partner supports their latest whim, he’s quick to thank Mendez-Brooks, who’s in Las Vegas for her sister’s wedding at present, “for moving to Milwaukee because I wanna do this stupid thing where I get punched in the face.” He’s also head over heels enough to assert that if “she wants to move somewhere because of something she has an opportunity to do, I would jump at it.”

To read the full interview click here!