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AJ Rewind; “Six, sixteen, thirteen; The day I became Diva’s champion.”
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If there is something we all know about AJ, is the fact that she was always one step ahead of everything…and everyone. Seriously! If you don’t think –setting up your ex-best friend into what we would call “A pretty evil tactic”, mess with her head into a championship match, JUST to get the divas title– is one of the smartest plans you’ve seen? Then, let us explain why it is.

It all started with two best friends who called themselves the “Chickbusters”, and really, they had the cutest friendship ever! But somewhere, somehow…this one goatface managed to sneak his way into AJ’s heart. Now, don’t get us wrong. She was a little warrior, or a spitfire as many called her, but we all have that sensitive side, no?

Long story short, Daniel Bryan broke AJ’s heart. And who was there to help her out? Kaitlyn. She tried so hard to help her friend, to make her REALIZE Daniel wasn’t good for her! Ultimately asking her friend to open her eyes and realize Bryan had changed her, she just…well, she just wasn’t the same anymore.

There’s a slap-a-thon somewhere in this. Oh yeah, AJ slapped Kaitlyn twice, letting her…now former best friend know that, they weren’t friends anymore and most importantly, she wasn’t crazy.

The story gets a little bit complicated at this point, sorta. Don’t tell AJ we’re saying this but she was…crazy. (She really was, but she hates it if you say that word, so please cooperate and keep it between us.) Her love life became a HUGE mess, there were all these guys that just couldn’t resist those flirty looks and her sweet smile…and they all fell for that. Just ask CM Punk! (No, seriously! She pushed him off the turnbuckle, making the poor guy land on a table…he fell hard I tell you!)

While AJ struggled with her heart and everything else, Kaitlyn was fighting her way into the Diva’s championship, ultimately capturing it on January 14th 2013 against the now -also- former diva, Eve Torres!

The journey begins:

Let’s fast forward to April 22nd, 2013! The day AJ became the number one contender for the Diva’s championship after defeating the other divas in a battle royal! How, you wonder? By being a smartass, as always!

So there’s that! Both Chickbusters are pretty much on cloud 9. In one hand you have Kaitlyn and the divas championship. And on the other you have AJ dating Dolph Ziggler (let me tell you, he was pretty nice to her most of the time…until the break up…but we’ll tell you about that some other time.)

Of course our resident geek goddess wasn’t satisfied, because everything she ever wanted, everything she fought for…was just a few gifts and texts away. So let me explain this…basically, Kaitlyn started to receive texts and gifts from a secret admirer. To say the Texan was pretty much -in love- with a person she didn’t know, would be an understatement. One thing’s for sure though, AJ managed to charm her former best friend.

“But even shattered glass, if you handle it wrong? Can cut you pretty deep.”:

This is the part where I introduce to you the one and only Big E! (Also adopted by both AJ & Dolph time before this). On June 10th 2013, Kaitlyn find out her secret admirer was willing to introduce “him”self to her, publicly…in the middle of the ring…(I know, that doesn’t sound good at all and it really wasn’t.)

So there we have the beautiful Kaitlyn, waiting for her secret admirer! And nope, it wasn’t Big E, it was; AJ. “How are you feeling right now, Kaitlyn? Worthless? Alone? Broken? Well that’s exactly how I felt when you abandoned me.” Long story short, the self-proclaimed savior of the Diva’s division played mind games with her former best friend, trying to make her feel…what SHE felt during those horrible times with all those superstars who broke her heart while she was fighting her way into the Diva’s championship.

Making history:

About damn time we get to the date we, as AJ fans, are commemorating today! June 16th 2013 (Payback)…the day she became the Diva’s champion in one of the BEST diva matches in WWE history, where we just didn’t see two women fighting for a championship title, but two former best friends, going at each other, trying to prove themselves in front of one of the loudest crowds, Illinois. With one spear courtesy of Kaitlyn, the whole WWE Universe thought the small diva was done. But the emotions got the best of the champion, taking too long to pin the challenger and ultimately only reaching the count of two. For AJ one black widow wasn’t enough, using a second one to finally secure the win over the Texan champion.

“I’ve been working for this for fourteen years.”:

After tattooing the date of this wonderful moment on the back of her neck, AJ went on to become the longest reigning Diva’s champion of all time! Scoring 295 days as the champ, defending it against every single diva that conformed the main roster. However, on April 7th 2014, AJ lost her title against the debuting ‘Diva of Tomorrow’ Paige…but you know? That’s a story for another time.

{#}Time to hop on the time machine and relive this amazing moment with the Payback 2013 photogallery & the Payback 2013 screen captures!