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Madden NFL 16′ |Madden Season: The Movie Trailer
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In this video, AJ makes a cameo in Madden NFL 16’| Madden Season: The Movie

Night of Champions; The Movie Trailer
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Check out the movie trailer for WWE Night of Champions featuring AJ! Don’t miss WWE Night of Champions, live on WWE Network and pay-per-view Sunday Sept. 21, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Monday Night Raw Results – June 30, 2014
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AJ Lee Vs Paige {Divas Championship Match)

Grace period’s over: Paige’s meteoric, three-month rise to the top of the Divas division made believers out of almost everyone in the WWE Universe. But she didn’t exactly convince AJ Lee, the very Diva who Paige defeated the night after WrestleMania 30 to claim the title in the first place. The Black Widow’s return to WWE left Paige on the defensive to begin with, and initially The Diva of Tomorrow refused to put her title on the line. By evoking the will of the WWE Universe, AJ managed to goad the champion into a match and, thanks to a surprise roll-up, reclaimed the title for her own. She’s back, WWE Universe.


Still here!
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But as you guys know, April is currently taking a well-deserved break! But the site will be updated as soon as she returns! <3

Paige on AJ
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After wrestling and defeating AJ Lee for her Divas Championship, Paige was in an emotional state. After winning the Divas Championship Paige was humble and she talked about her big win mentioning how much she admired AJ. It was truly an amazing moment for Paige to defeat her idol to win the Divas Championship.

“Oh my gosh, you have no idea. I lost my mind. Firstly just being in the ring with AJ who I’ve always looked up to, she’s an incredible talent and a woman to be around, and then being on Raw is just insane. I’ve been working my whole career to get to this point, it’s been nearly nine years now, and it was just incredible. I couldn’t stop crying, I haven’t stopped talking to my family about it, it’s overwhelming especially getting so much support from the fans and backstage. It’s been magical.”

SPOILERS ++ ME Tapings! (March 31, 2014)
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WWE Main Event spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Washington, DC:


New Layout!
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Hey guys! Check out our brand NEW and quite amazing layout! Huuuuuuge thank you to the wonderful Iker! Tweet us and let us know if you like it or not! Added a couple of AJ sites to our “AJ Awesomeness” sidebar, new elites, new site and MV of the moment, etc! We recently reached over 1,000 followers on twitter, so thank you for that too! You guys are amazing, thank you so much for all of your support! <3

Wild And Young: The Oral History Of NXT.
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What do the letters “NXT” mean to you? Lately, you’re probably conjuring images of the powerhouse stopgap down at Full Sail University that transforms virtual unknowns into WWE Superstars, a place where Bulgarian Brutes, Anti-Divas and Men That Gravity Forgot run wild. But a few years ago, those three letters meant something very, very different.

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Maria Kanellis Mentions AJ Lee in Interview
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Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently did an interview with PWMania.com. AJ Lee was mentioned in this interview when she was asked about the WWE’s current vision with the WWE divas. Many aspects were touched conveying the difference in WWE’s vision. Check it out below:

Because you’ve competed in the Lingerie matches, Pillow fights etc, what do you think about WWE’s current product not showcasing such matches?

I think they have great female talents nowadays. AJ and Natalya are great wrestlers. Paige in NXT can hang with any of the guys there. So I don’t think WWE is lacking when it comes to women talents. I hope the girls get more and more time to get into the spotlight because of how good they are becoming.

I was there at a time when there were different types of female wrestlers. There were lingerie models and full time wrestlers who came from the independent scene. So it’s a very similar time nowadays. Mickie was on the independents before WWE, Melina was a wrestler for a log time before she made it to the WWE main roster and Candice Michelle went from being a lingerie model to being excellent in the ring. It’s the same type of atmosphere now, with the only difference being that there’s different names.

There were only lingerie pillow fights and bikini contests for the first couple of years that I was there and that fizzled out. By the time I left, there wasn’t that much anymore. It’s definitely changed from 15 years ago when WWE wasn’t a PG product. But it hasn’t changed much from the time I was there.

Credit to : PWMania.com

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AJ Lee and Big E had a little Reunion. Big E has been known for his hilarious posts and this one had to include his “mother”, check it out.

Caution: Media contains hilarious content as well as a little shoving.

Power Rankings; February 15, 2014.
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AJ Lee

Finishing on the losing end of a Six-Diva Tag Team Match on Raw, the Divas Champion stumbles down the rankings to the 13-spot.

Rank: 13

Previous: 11


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