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Wrestlemania 31; 2015 Predictions
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@ShawnMichaels: I see AJ and Paige as the outsiders, with Paige as the newcomer, of sorts. The Bella Twins have come a long way and really improved a lot, along with the Divas division. I think this one goes to The Bellas. WINNER: The Bella Twins

@HowardFinkel: Just when you thought AJ Lee and Paige were getting along, the events of this past Monday night shattered that myth. There are definite problems between the two, and The Bellas are right in the eye of their storm. The fragile bond that was recently rekindled between AJ and Paige will now be tested this Sunday, and to me, it’s purely an oil-and-water situation. As long as the tension remains in the air, then The Bellas will score the win, perhaps with “relative” ease. WINNER: The Bella Twins

@JoeyStyles: Enough! I’ve had enough of Brie & Nikki tearing down AJ & Paige for not resembling bronzed bikini models. I’ve had enough of Nikki routinely retaining the Divas Championship only because of Brie’s interference. You know who has even less tolerance for The Bellas’ better-than-thou bluster? AJ & Paige. With both Nikki & Brie in the match, unless they have a long lost Bella triplet, there will be nowhere for the twin terrors to hide. I can’t predict that this is exactly how the match will end, especially given the obvious problems between Paige & AJ, but I would love to see simultaneous submissions to the PTO and Black Widow. WINNER: AJ Lee & Paige

@Apter1wrestling: I I cannot realistically see AJ & Paige winning. They are fine singles competitors, but new as a tag team. The Bellas are on the same wavelength, and although they will take a beating, they will emerge as victors in this Divas grudge match. WINNER: The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins: 3 AJ Lee & Paige: 1


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