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Smackdown Results – March 26, 2015
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AJ & Paige unite in a war of words with the Bella Twins

AJ Lee comes out and says they’ve known her as a lot of things, but she will stop the Bellas at Wrestlemania and take the title from those plastic idiots. She says she hopes Paige will team with her and it’s up to her, then Paige comes out and says AJ is trying to gloss over what happened on Monday. Paige says AJ will do anything to be champion and to keep the title from her, and she isn’t sure she can trust AJ anymore. AJ says they both hate losing and they need to stay on the same page to win Sunday, then Paige suggests they stop being frenemies.

The Bellas cut them off and mock them, with Nikki commenting that AJ can manipulate anyone, but it won’t help her. Brie says she has a bond with Nikki that can’t be broken, and she can forgive her and move on, and that’s why they succeed. Nikki says AJ went on vacation and Brock Lesnar even worked more than her this year, and these “pampered plastic” women are the ones running the Divas division. Paige says she and AJ aren’t afraid to be themselves and they are real women, then Nikki says a real woman would stop talking and start fighting now. She goes to the ring but Brie stops her, and Nikki calls AJ and Paige b*tches, and says she will see them Sunday.


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