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18 April
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“The former Divas Champion drops two more spots to No. 23 after a week of inactivity.”

16 April
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Reports are swirling that AJ Lee will take a short hiatus or a vacation for herself. The former Divas Champion will be taking time off, many say it is because of her recent engagement. Whatever the case is, we know that this is well deserved.

15 April
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Ringside Collectibles tweeted earlier that AJ Lee will have a new action figure.

You can Pre-Order HERE (Includes Details):  http://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/mattel-toy-wrestling-figures-wwe-battle-packs-28.html

An Image of AJ as an action figure is featured here:


12 April
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After wrestling and defeating AJ Lee for her Divas Championship, Paige was in an emotional state. After winning the Divas Championship Paige was humble and she talked about her big win mentioning how much she admired AJ. It was truly an amazing moment for Paige to defeat her idol to win the Divas Championship.

“Oh my gosh, you have no idea. I lost my mind. Firstly just being in the ring with AJ who I’ve always looked up to, she’s an incredible talent and a woman to be around, and then being on Raw is just insane. I’ve been working my whole career to get to this point, it’s been nearly nine years now, and it was just incredible. I couldn’t stop crying, I haven’t stopped talking to my family about it, it’s overwhelming especially getting so much support from the fans and backstage. It’s been magical.”

12 April
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“After successfully defending her title at WrestleMania, AJ’s shocking loss to Paige on Monday drops the former champ out of the top 20.”

10 April

7 April

AJ Lee Vs Paige

Facts are this: AJ has beaten every Diva that has lined up to face her on the main roster, and it would take a challenger from a wholly unexpected place to throw the Divas Champion off her game.

How about someone from NXT?

AJ’s post-WrestleMania “pipe bomb” left the WWE Universe smoldering when NXT Women’s Champion Paige made her first appearance on the main roster to offer up her congratulations to the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Divas Division.” AJ wasn’t all that appreciative and forced the newcomer into an impromptu match … although her “post-WrestleMania treat” of a title defense turned sour very quickly when Paige reversed the Black Widow into her signature “Paige-Turner” to put AJ on the mat and claim the title for herself. Undisputed Divas Champion, anyone?


7 April
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“April Jeanette Mendez is known to millions of WWE fans as AJ Lee, reigning Divas Champion. She’s also engaged to Phillip Brooks (aka CM Punk) and loves video games, a lot. She talks about 2K Sports WWE 2K14 and Skyrim in this exclusive interview from Fan Axxess in New Orleans.”

6 April
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6 April

AJ Lee against the World (The Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational)

Ten years after sitting in the rafters of Madison Square Garden, watching WrestleMania 20 with her father, AJ Lee finally has her WrestleMania moment. Facing seemingly insurmountable odds in the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational at WrestleMania 30, AJ showed why she has held the title for 294 days. In a frantic scramble that featured 14 dangerous Divas battling to score the first pinfall or submission, AJ used her smarts to retain her title, tricking the referee into thinking Naomi had tapped out to the Black Widow.

AJ’s road to retaining her title wasn’t easy. She had 13 other Divas targeting her from the get-go, including Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie, Summer Rae and The Bella Twins—stars of the hit E! reality show Total Divas—along with Aksana, Layla, Emma, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes. And if that wasn’t enough, there was Lee’s own bodyguard, Tamina Snuka.

With Vickie Guerrero leering at the bout from a perch at ringside, AJ and Tamina were forced to stand back-to-back as the bell rang and every other Diva pounced on them. The match broke down into a frenetic brawl almost instantantly, resulting in bodies flying everywhere. Natalya nearly put Mendes, Fox and Cameron into a triple Sharpshooter, until Eva Marie rolled her up for a near fall. The red-haired beauty even showed a little moxie, standing toe-to-toe with Tamina for a moment.

With the referee struggling to control the chaos, The Bellas took advantage, executing a double dive. However, sisterly bonds didn’t matter in this one-fall bout, as Nikki dropped Brie with The Rack Attack. Natalya soon took out Tamina with a discus clothesline, taking out AJ’s only ally in the contest. The Divas Champion watched her bodyguard get clocked, then turned directly into an attack from Naomi. Somehow, though AJ reversed the hold, spinning into the Black Widow.

Naomi struggled in the hold, dropping to her knee, but refused to tap out. With the referee focused on Naomi’s left arm, AJ grabbed her foe’s already weakened rightappendage and tapped it against the canvas, being so careful as to keep her deceit just out of the official’s view.

Having survived a battle with nearly every Diva on the roster on The Grandest Stage of Them All, there’s one question that has to be asked as The Black Widow continues her reign over the Divas division:Is there anyone who can take the Divas Championship away from AJ Lee?


6 April

More than 30 WWE Circle of Champions honorees from Make-A-Wish and other organizations are enjoying an exciting, WWE-packed weekend which culminates tomorrow at WrestleMania 30!

This year, 31 Make-A-Wish honorees from the United States, plus three more honorees from other wish agencies from New Orleans, Canada and Ireland, received their wish to attend WrestleMania 30. WWE and Make-A-Wish were sure to make the kids’ and teens’ weekend leading up to The Show of Shows extra special.

On Saturday, the honorees and their families enjoyed the aquatic sights at the Audubon Aquarium and their very own private Domino’s pizza party with Divas Champion AJ Lee and Rey Mysterio.

“The kids are always so amazing and their families are always so happy and positive,” said Divas Champion AJ Lee. Along with Mysterio, she stopped to meet each honoree at the party and pose for photos.

“It’s a blessing for me to be able to be a part of this,” Mysterio said. “I’ve been doing Make-A-Wish for the last 12 years and it feels incredible.”

After AJ and Mysterio’s visit, the children were delighted by the arrival of another surprise guest, Make-A-Wish’s most requested celebrity wish granter, John Cena!


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