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24 October
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“AJ Lee will defend her Divas Championship against Paige at WWE Hell in a Cell riding a wave a momentum thanks to her victory over Alicia Fox on SmackDown.”

24 October

AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox

AJ applies a front facelock but Alicia bridges into a suplex for two, then she applies a side headlock before taking AJ down with a scoop slam. Alicia sends her in the corner but AJ kicks her in the back, then Paige jumps on the apron and AJ goes after her. Alicia hits her from behind and applies a waistlock, but AJ shoves her into Paige and rolls her up for the win.


24 October
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Wrestling fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation for this Sunday’s WWE annual Hell in a Cell event (live on the WWE Network – for just $9.99). With two main event matches inside the monstrous Cell, John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, we asked a certain WWE Diva’s Champion when we’d see her inside the demonic structure.

Just yesterday I had the chance to speak with AJ Lee about one day putting the title on the line inside the Cell and who’d she want to be against when she does so. From there we jumped into her love of comics, where the namesake for her finisher came from and so much more. Want to know what classic comics rivalry she sees herself currently in? Find out below!


24 October
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At one of WWE’s most storied events, some will fall. Others…will survive. Don’t miss John Cena, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, AJ Lee, and your favorite WWE Superstars at Survivor Series, Sunday, November 23 at 8PM ET/5PM PT, Live on WWE Network.

24 October
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AJ Lee is considered queen bee in WWE’s Divas division. Unlike many of her colleagues, she isn’t the stereotypical mannequin many fans had grown accustomed to. There isn’t the slightest thing stereotypical about the chick sitting atop of the Divas division.

AJ, with her devil-may-care attitude, rocking jean shorts and skipping to the ring in her Chuck Taylors, is just part of the reason why she has become such a fan favorite.

Despite only a few years in WWE, she is already the record-holder for the longest and most reigns as Divas champion, but her energetic style in the ring and way with words is what has resonated with fans.


24 October
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BY BLAKE GARRIS - After a tumultuous back and forth between herself and Paige for possession of the Divas belt, current champ AJ Lee sets off once again to retain the title against her most equaled opponent at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. We spoke with her prior to the event about the evolution of Divas, how Gamora would fare as a wrestler, her love for Pizza Dog and much more!

Marvel.com: To begin, coming off your loss Monday at RAW, how are you regrouping to prepare for your match at “Hell in the Cell” this weekend?

AJ Lee: Oh gosh. I think it’s kind of poetic because really the only person that kind of kicked my butt and is always the cause of my losses when they really count, when the title is on the line, has been Paige. So she’s the one that makes me have to prove myself all over again; gives me the biggest challenge. Every time that I’ve defended the title against her, I’ve lost. So going into Sunday I think I have a lot of prove. No one ever makes me feel that way except for her. So that’s kind of the interesting story going into that. I want to go in and leave as champion.

Marvel.com: Do you think Alicia may come in and help Paige, kind of like the vice versa scenario of Monday? And if so, how do you think you’ll retaliate?

AJ Lee: They’re playing the numbers game, which I guess karmically I have coming to me all those times having Tamina and Big E ringside with me. So I get it but I enjoy now just being a lone soldier — one diva army — one girl revolution. I’m gonna try to take them both out on my own but it’s not going to be easy. You know, two against one.

Marvel.com: The rivalry has been going on for the better part of six months now. Besides obviously retaining the title, what would the dream scenario be for how this ends?

AJ Lee: I don’t know. I think the fact that there’s two women who aren’t necessarily your standard of diva beauty, that aren’t your standard diva… to have these two women who are very different in myself and Paige in something for so long and people are invested for the entire time and want to see it keep going says a lot about how Divas have evolved and how fans have evolved and what they hold important and what they want to see. They just want to see good matches and good wrestling and interesting characters and I think that’s revolutionary and that’s really cool to be a part of. My dream scenario was for this to go as long as it possibly could and I think it’s been like four of five months now. I kind of want to see it keep going in some way and I want the story to continue to get creepy and weird. I just enjoy having those matches with her.

Marvel.com: This is the third year that you’ve partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Can you talk a little bit about that?

AJ Lee: We have all that merch out there where the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My personal favorite is the “Support the Twins” shirt. I think that’s pretty solid. It’s really cool to see these big strong scary men but they’re wearing pink and they have a soft side. They just want to help out and help women. I think the fact that that’s such a contradiction is what makes it interesting and makes it warm your heart. I like that we are able to commit so much of ourselves during the month of October to that. Whether it’s the merchandise or the ramps or the ring ropes, we try as much as we can to get the word out there and it’s a really cool thing for us to do.

Marvel.com: You use “The Black Widow” as a finishing move. What other Marvel characters would you want to borrow moves from?

AJ Lee: Gosh. I don’t know. The perfect thing about the Black Widow is definitely kind of a little joke; a shout out to Marvel. I think I said it one time on commentary to pop my buddies over there and then it got such a good reaction with the fans that I was like “Okay we gotta keep this going. Keep it part of the repertoire.” We had the spider webs… it just all worked out really well. But I don’t know. I do have a very special love right now for Kate Bishop and my Pizza Dog. If I could somehow get a Pizza Dog with me on the way to the ring, I would be pretty psyched.

Marvel.com: So you’re obviously into Hawkeye and we’ve spoken before about you being a fan of Spider-Man and the X-Men. Are those what you’re reading these days or is there anything else that you’re keeping up with?

AJ Lee: I just got the last trade of Hawkeye where Kate’s going to LA and having all sorts of adventures so that was put in my bag this week which was really cute. I’m kind of just jumping all over the place. I know I’m way late to the party but I just got into The Sixth Gun. That’s really amazing. I’m kind of just jumping into that. I love Saga. I’m waiting to see what comes next with that. Of course, my Harley Quinn I always jump on board with but Hawkeye is my Marvel friend at the moment.

Marvel.com: Have you seen “Guardians of the Galaxy” yet?

AJ Lee: I did! It was so funny because I think that people always expect the big blockbuster to be a household name and something that they’re familiar with and then you have “Guardians of the Galaxy” come out. It’s the best one so far. It’s my favorite Marvel movie. I love those stories when it’s something you wouldn’t expect and it’s these characters who aren’t your ‘drink your milk’ super heroes. They’re little weirdos and I love that.

Marvel.com: How do you think Gamora would fare as a Diva?

AJ Lee: First of all, I would love to be her buddy. I would need to recruit her to fight against Alicia Fox. I think she would kind of kick all of our butts so I’d have to keep her on my side.


24 October
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WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee opens up about her real life friendship with her on camera opponent on Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll.

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has a lot of praise for the woman she’ll face Sunday at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.
And that was a little surprising to me given Paige had shocked the WWE Universe by snapping AJ’s 295-day title run to earn gold in her debut match the night after WrestleMania.

During the course of our conversation, AJ told me the British-born 22-year-old came along at the perfect time and they’ve forged a friendship outside of the ring. After talking crap for about a year, she said she had just defeated every Diva on the roster a night earlier in the inaugural Vickie Guerrero Battle Royal. So, new blood was definitely needed.

“We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige is perfect for that,” she said.
AJ added that the other women in the locker room acknowledge that, which likely limited any animosity veterans may have had with a rookie coming in and winning the title.

At one point during their program WWE’s writers flirted with the idea of having the two flirt with each other in the ring. The (adult) tension was apparent on at least two occasions during broadcasts of Monday Night Raw, which she said was a blast.

“You didn’t know what we were going to do for a while. I think that made it,” she told me. “Whether we were out there for 30 seconds, it was ‘What are they going to do? Oh, they’re sharing chocolate candy. This is awkward!’ There was something about that just made it special. It’s was just two wonderful weirdos, we have no idea what to expect from.”

And although her adversary will be joining the cast of Total Divas next season, don’t expect to see AJ on the show anytime soon.

“It’s been well documented for the second season they tried to get me on board. I’m not interested in being famous. I’m interested in doing my job and doing it well and that’s wrestling and that’s what I love,” she said.
AJ also told me there’s nothing wrong with the show and she’s happy that Paige will add another flavor of Diva to the show.

“I could do it, but I wouldn’t do it. I’m just happy being who I am on TV two days a week and on live events and then going into my private life, and into my little hole in the middle of nowhere and having no one talk to me about my private life.”

Be sure to listen to the full interview (available at the top of the page) to hear all of our conversation that includes:

– Whether she knew she would win the Divas Title when she came back to WWE
– More on her in-ring chemistry with Paige
– More on her relationship with Paige
– More on why she just said no to Total Divas
– Debunking rumors about Total Divas cast members not getting title shots
– Who she wants to be in the WWE Hall of Fame
– Whether she considers herself Hall of Fame worthy

And because reading is fundamental, here are a few quotes.

On whether she knew she would win Diva’s Title after taking two months off from WWE

“I don’t really know. I certainly didn’t know. That was a pleasant surprise. That’s the thing, every time I’ve put the title on the line against Paige she’s won it. So, I’m slightly nervous going into Sunday.”

On bitter feelings from veterans after Paige won Divas Title in her first match

“I think at that point in time it was exactly what we needed. Especially coming off of (WrestleMania XXX) where we had every single girl in the match. For a year I was talking crap and then I beat everyone. We needed new blood. We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige was perfect for that. I don’t think there was any other way it should have gone. I think everyone is kind of smart and they know that. If we have more interest and more of us can do well, then we all do well because of that. I hope everyone gets it. It was a smart move.”

On teasing a same-sex crush between she and Paige

“Well, we are a PG program. But I think that’s the fun part. The thing is everyone said my character is unpredictable and you didn’t know where it was going. And then to have somebody that does the same thing, that’s also kind of kooky and crazy and you didn’t know what we were going to do for a while.”

Listen here!

24 October
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@JoeyStyles: I have the utmost respect for Paige. I was familiar with her family history long before the former Divas Champion made her NXT debut. Paige holding the NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Divas Championship simultaneously didn’t surprise me at all. All of that being said, AJ is in a class by herself. The former homeless little girl from New Jersey is living her dream and for good reason. She’s both talented and tough enough to have gone move for move with the greatest female grapplers the ring has ever seen, including Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Madusa, Trish Stratus and Lita. WINNER: AJ Lee

@HowardFinkel: For me, this match is an easy one to pick. The Divas Championship has been like a hot potato. Since their rivalry began on April 7, this title has changed hands between these two four times. The potato stays hot, as I believe Paige will become a three-time Divas Champion by dethroning Ms. Lee. WINNER: Paige

Anthony Benigno: This is fast becoming the Lita-Trish of the new generation, and that’s kind of awesome. Paige and AJ’s latest tussle over the Divas Championship extends their rivalry into its sixth month, and it doesn’t hurt Paige that she’s got her best friend (and fellow, newly named “Total Diva”) Alicia Fox in her corner to help her get the coveted title back. Unfortunately, even as Paige further resorts to left-field behavior in her attempt to defeat AJ, the champion has (to borrow another phrase) been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. If Paige beats AJ it’ll be on skill and not mind games, but The Diva of Tomorrow seems firmly set on a cerebral game instead. Good luck with that. WINNER: AJ Lee

Jeff Laboon: AJ Lee doesn’t have many friends in the Divas division, but she has the Divas Championship and that’s what matters most to her. Paige’s budding friendship with Alicia Fox adds a new wrinkle to this rivalry, but AJ is used to overcoming odds. Paige and AJ have competed in some of the best matches of the year, and this should be another thrilling chapter in their series. WINNER: AJ Lee

Bobby Melok: While most would consider AJ Lee’s search for a new friend unsuccessful, it’s only proven that she’s more than capable of handling things by herself. Though Alicia Fox is sure to try to help her new BFF recapture the Divas Championship, expect AJ to foil their plans and retain. WINNER: AJ Lee

AJ Lee: 4, Paige: 1


24 October
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BY MATT FOWLER - WWE’s annual Hell in a Cell event goes down live this Sunday, October 26th on the WWE Network (only $9.99 if you hadn’t heard). Two matches will take place inside the titular Hell-filled Cell – John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins. What match should take place inside the Cell that isn’t taking place inside the Cell? Why, Paige vs. AJ Lee for the Divas Championship of course.

I spoke to WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee about, perhaps, one day battling someone inside that Cell, along with her thoughts about working with Paige, Total Divas, a future match with Stephanie McMahon. Plus, we talk about what comic books she’s currently read, binge-watching The Walking Dead and the rise of the nerd.

IGN: First things first. Have you watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer yet?

AJ Lee: Heh, I have not! I heard it was leaked though.

IGN: Well it was leaked, but then because of that Marvel just went ahead and released it officially.

AJ: Oh yaaay. Interesting! But no, I haven’t seen it yet.

IGN: Okay, you have homework to do. Just letting you know.

AJ: [laughs] I do!

IGN: What’s it like to be in a long, multi-Pay Per View storyline with Paige? It’s got to be fun to work with someone over a long stretch of time.

AJ: Oh yeah. I think the last time I got to do something like that was with Kaitlyn. And that was going into the title picture. So I didn’t even have the title yet. And then I spent about a year defending it and it was a different opponent every pay-per-view. And that was interesting and fun to do. But to kind of have something that lasts longer gives people more of a chance to invest in it and you’ll see the people start to pick sides. And there’s so much value in that. So I feel like I waited a year or more for something I could really sink my teeth into, so it’s been really fun. It’s been about four months of exciting stuff. So we’ll see what happens on Sunday.

IGN: With your feuds come a lot of mind games. A lot of friendships lost or friendships faked. What’s that like to play with?

AJ: I think it’s cool. Because with Kaitlyn, it’s like we were friends but then we hated each other. And so then we brought that back up going into the title picture. And what’s interesting with Paige was that it was clear that these girls were not going to be buddies. No matter what. From day one. So there’s been a lot of pretending involved just to see who can get the upper hand. That was fun. Because for three weeks people were like “You know you girls don’t like each other” and they were waiting for her to sort of kick my butt the way she did that one time. I think I flew over the announce table. So people were waiting for that. But now some of them want us to be friends again. And I think that’s the interesting part.

IGN: Do you think the story’s going to end with your match this Sunday?

AJ: I don’t know. Hmm. It’s so much fun and I think it’s some of the best work that the Divas division has gotten to have in a long time. So I’d love for it to last forever. It’s something that certainly could go on for a long time. I’m not sure a lot of people could have handled four months. And Paige is so new too so I think it’s sort of a testament to how talented she is.

IGN: Would you ever want to compete in an actual Hell in a Cell match?

AJ: I wish! I wish!

IGN: A lot of fans would love to see you and Paige in that Cell.

AJ: Trust me, we were very vocal about wishing that was possible. And trying to make that happen. We really were. Especially Paige, because she’s down for any of that stuff. The really cool thing too was that we’ve been kind of smashing each other all over the place already. On the stage, and then she pushed me off the stage. And the announce table. The barricade. The post. Things that girls actually hadn’t done in so long. So we were surprised that we were trusted with that in the first place. It seems like they’d trust us to take it to the next level and we kind of wished we could.

IGN: Paige and Alicia Fox are joining the next season of Total Divas. Will we get to the point – or maybe we’re even at that point right now – where you’re the only Diva not on Total Divas?

AJ: Oh my god! Um, I think maybe. Right? I feel bad though because I feel like people are mad at her, at Paige, for it I think. But they really shouldn’t be. I think she has her own style and she’s going to bring a different flavor to that show. So people should just be happy for her and glad that they can now see more of her life. As for me. No, I like having people know the AJ I play on TV, on RAW, and I go home and I get inside so no one talks to me [laughs].

IGN: About a month back you had a great moment with Stephanie McMahon in the ring. And now a lot of fans want to see you two have a match. Is that something you’d like?

AJ: Yeah. I mean, I think there’s no one who could match the promos we could put on together. I think that’s why people might be into it. Because it’d be two alpha females. And we do talk a big game. We’re good at that. As far as a match goes, that’s been done. So I don’t know how much we’d be into re-doing something. It’d have to be very different and very unique. It’d have to make its own mark on our industry and add to the history. But I think the girls [Steph and Brie] did such a good job that I wouldn’t want to mess with that. Because that was their own special moment that they had at SummerSlam. But I also think that getting into a war with her would be amazing. I think people are looking forward to that. And the tiny interactions that we have had, so far, have been some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

IGN: You retweet a lot of your fans when they send you artwork or pictures of themselves dressed like you. Did you ever think you’d be a role model for young girls in this way?

AJ Lee: You know, it’s crazy. Because I got into all of this by having amazing role models. Like Miss Elizabeth. You know, like Mickie and Trish and Lita and Molly. These girls that I looked up to. And so now seeing younger girls emulating me is always going to be the most real thing and the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. Especially because I like to perpetuate being more of a tomboy or being more comfortable with your individuality. For it to be okay. And for girls to get that at a young age perhaps because of me is the best thing I’ll ever do on this planet. And then, you know, the other side they don’t even realize maybe is that them dressing like me and being comfortable with themselves and putting all this stuff on Twitter has in its own way affected the Divas division from a business standpoint. Because that was the beginning of them agreeing to do female merch for the first time in, like, seven years. I was told that Divas didn’t sell anything. And that they weren’t sure how to profit from that. And so girls tweeting pictures of themselves dressed like me helped change their minds. And you look now, two years later, and everyone has merch. The girls are treated like the guys. And that kind of started with girls putting AJ shirts on and Chuck Taylors on their feet. It’s the coolest thing in the world to me that pictures on Twitter would be so effective.

IGN: Did you ever think you’d be an actual cosplay choice? Like, have such a distinctive look?

AJ: [laughs] I never thought that would happen, no way. But my idea going into it was that I wanted to be something that you could recognize quickly. Like, someone could draw a doodle of me in two seconds. That’s when I knew that I found what I wanted. My character on TV is very definable. Very recognizable. So I guess somewhere along the where it turned out to be an outfit that people dug. Most of it comes from Target so… [laughs]

IGN: Well, I know you haven’t seen the Age of Ultron trailer yet, but what comics are you reading right now?

AJ: Well, my husband got me the last trade of Hawkeye. And I guess we’re coming close to [writer] Matt Fraction wrapping up. And I didn’t know about this so I’m heartbroken. But he [Fraction] actually tweeted me, which was the coolest thing and told me everything’s going to be okay. But still, a little heartbroken. So I’m reading that. Kate’s adventures in LA. And I just started The Sixth Gun, which I heard was amazing. But I’m just starting to get into that. Oh, and Harley Quinn. Her new incarnation. So I’m kind of all over the place these days.

IGN: Are you all caught up on The Walking Dead? Can you watch Season 4 yet?

AJ: Yes! I just got caught up so now I’m watching the new season. It’s funny because there’s a part of me that if something is popular I sort of become a defiant teenager about it. Like “Oh, I’m not gonna like that because everybody likes it.” So I avoided the show for years. And then I decided to try it and felt stupid because it’s the most amazing show.

IGN: Well to be fair, it’s still a huge shock that it’s such a big mainstream hit given how dark and gory it is.

AJ: Yeah, and you know it’s funny, I’ve watched every episode but I’ve maybe seen 60% of all of it because my eyes are closed through 40% of it. Because I’m such a pansy. But I think that it’s interesting how shows like Walking Dead, or even Game of Thrones with all its fantasy elements, have become so popular. Sometimes though I get a little bit annoyed because the whole nerd thing taking over and is now cool and it wasn’t cool when I was younger.

IGN: I know. We had to pay our dues to pave the way.

AJ: Exactly! Exactly. I mean it wasn’t cool that I didn’t comb my hair and had books and wore glasses. It was never cool be a nerd and tomboy and these days it really is. And I’m like “You guys have no idea what I went through.” How many times my mother yelled at me to comb my hair. But it’s cool to see people open their minds and to things that I would try to get people into. Side note: When I dressed up like Harley Quinn on TV a long time ago everyone was like “Who is that?” And now she’s got an entire merchandise line. [laughs] The world has evolved and I’d probably know about her, but I’d be a little ashamed to be part of a bandwagon right now.


24 October
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24 October
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105.3 THE FAN – This Sunday at the American Airlines Center, WWE’s Hell In a Cell will take place. Among the many matches on the card, Paige will contend for the WWE Divas title against the current champion, AJ Lee. On Thursday, Troy Hughes spent some time with AJ to talk about Hell In a Cell, why she’s not on E!’s Total Divas and the one sport she watches with her husband.

Listen here!

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